10 May 2015
Howling wind, horizontal rain which when hit you felt like hail, hands turning blue, you have to be forgiven for thinking it was winter, but no, it is summer. It was also traditional weather for Gourock, the first outdoor comp of the season. The rain held off for the grade 3 performance which was a bonus, however the same can't be said for the grade 2.  During tune up the rain was so bad that we decided to pull out of the grade and take shelter. Well done to everyone with a 2nd place in grade 3. Next outings are 23rd May, Mauchline holy fair and 30th May, British Championships. Let's hope the weather is kinder.

25 April 2015
A trip to Caotbridge for the GWOS indoor competition was a worthwhile trip with 4th place in both Grade 3 and Grade 2 competitions. Well done to all.  Next competition on Sunday 10th May  at Gourock (if not rained off).
28 March 2015
After 2 years out of competition, we got the first one out of the way today at the branch indoors at Sanquhar, which I have to say felt good and hope the all members felt the same. Two young learners on the chanter both were placed in their competitions and all five solo drumming entrants were also placed in the prize list and the only solo piper competing on the day winning their group.  The afternoon was for the bands, with a good run thru' in tuning room we managed to carry that down to the performance room winning both Grades 3 and 2 concluding in winning the branch competitions for both grades. No doubt there will be a few drams to celebrate tonight. Congratulations everyone and a good start to the forthcoming season. Next competition is the indoors at Coatbridge.

14 February 2015
South Ayrshire Council have informed the band that extensive building works at the Town Hall are due to start. Scaffolding will be erected on Sunday 22nd February and as a result no access to the car park or band hall is permitted. Please ensure that you contact all necessary personnel to cancel any practice /tution you have scheduled. The work will is expected to run until September/ October and during this time there will be no car parking facilities.