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1.  NAME:

a)      The Band shall be called “Ayr Pipe Band Society”.


a)     To encourage and promote the arts of piping and drumming to the

advancement of the culture of Pipe Bands.

b)     To teach and encourage youth in the arts of piping and drumming.

c)     To participate in competitions held under the auspices of The Royal Pipe Band Association.

d)     To give assistance to charities, particularly local charities.

e)     To represent the Town of Ayr with dignity and distinction at all times.



a)     The management of the Band shall be vested in a committee of management

consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Pipe Major of the Band, Leading Drummer of the Band and four other members.  Five of the above nine to form a quorum.

b)     At least five of the members of the committee shall be playing members of the Band.

c)     All retiring members of the committee shall be eligible for re-election.

d)     Any sub-committee formed shall have their recommendations ratified by the management of the Band.



a)     Meetings of the committee shall be held not less than four times per calendar year.

b)     The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the discretion of the committee, but no later than the 30th November annually.

c)     The Pipe Major and Leading Drummer of the Band shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Band and shall be members of the committee.

d)     A Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and four members shall be elected to the committee annually at the Annual General Meeting.

e)      Pipe Sergeant(s) and Drum Sergeant(s) shall be proposed by Pipe Major and Leading Drummer and seconded by another member at the Annual General Meeting, but unless separately elected, shall not be members of the committee.

f)      The Secretary shall keep full and correct minutes of all the meetings of the committee, shall convene all meetings and shall conduct all correspondence.

g)     The Treasurer shall receive and disburse monies belonging to the Band, shall keep a cash book and other accounts which are necessary to show the financial affairs of the Band and have these independently audited and submitted to the Annual General Meeting.

h)     At all meetings the Chairperson shall have a deliberate vote, and in case of equality, a casting vote, but need not exercise it.



a)     The committee shall have all powers for the efficient conduct of the Band, and powers

 to encourage, allow or restrict membership of the Band.

b)     The elected committee have the power to further unanimously elect other members of the Band to serve on the committee.



a)     Members of the Band shall be those registered with The Royal Pipe Band Association.

b)     The Pipe Major and Leading Drummer shall have complete authority on the constitution of the playing Band at all appearances.

c)     Voting shall be restricted to members of the committee and playing members of the Band who have completed one season at outdoor contests and who have also made arrangements to pay the annual membership fee.

d)     An annual membership fee will be paid by all registered members of Ayr Pipe Band Society, as well as beginners.  This fee will be decided at the Annual General Meeting.  This fee must be paid by 28th February each year.  Beginners will be given 2 months grace in respect of annual fees.  If a registered member makes no effort to pay the annual membership fee before end of March, on calendar year, they will be required to hand in all issued uniform and equipment.

e)     If a member does not attend practices and does not give a reason for not attending for a                                                      period of 4-6 weeks, they will be issued with a letter instructing them to make contact with a committee member within 7 days.  If contact is not made within this time scale then the member will be instructed to bring in all uniform items and equipment belonging to Ayr Pipe Band Society.

f)      If Ayr Pipe Band Society enters a player into a solo contest then they are deemed to be a representative of the Band and therefore must wear issued uniform.



a)     All issued Band uniforms and equipment shall be the property of “AYR PIPE BAND SOCIETY”.

b)     All members who have been issued with uniforms shall be responsible for its safekeeping and for maintaining same in good state of repair.  Any loss of damage to uniforms must be reported at the member’s earliest opportunity.  Any member of the Band found to have recklessly damaged or lost any item of the Band property will be liable for the full cost of a new replacement or donation to wards issue of a stock item of Band property.

c)     Every Band member shall endeavour to be present in line with the Pipe Major’s and Leading Drummer’s instructions at all engagements and/or competitions, or to notify him immediately if there is any reason why this should not be possible.



a)     In the event that the band should cease to exist, all property and assets of the society will revert to South Ayrshire Council, who will act as trustees of the said assets for a period not exceeding tow years.  In the event that the band does not resume its activities within this time scale all assets are to be liquidated and donated to local nominated charities at the discretion of Ayr Pipe Band Society.  Should the band re re-constituted and resume normal activities within the time scale of two years, the new committee shall request of South Ayrshire Council that any monies and equipment be held in trust is released to them.


            No alteration shall be made in the foregoing constitution without a quorum of committee members. 

            Any alterations to the constitution will be put on notice board and/or Band website.